Watercolor Painting Classes - Donna Barnes-Roberts

Painting by my student, Mary Weidner -
titled "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow"


Yes, this painting was completed in one of my watercolor classes by one of my students, Mary Weidner.  This is presented with the hope that you realize what is possible with watercolor.  And what YOU might be capable of doing yourself.  Even if you never thought of yourself as an "Artist".While this piece is really fabulous (IMHO), this student is not the ONLY student of mine that has reached this pinnacle of achievement.  Maybe YOU will be next.




 Below is a link to my  current calendar showing class dates/times for ALL of my classes,

Calendar for Classes


All classes meet at The Coffee Gallery, 2029 N. Lake Ave., Altadena, CA 91001

questions?  626-344-3488


You can ALWAYS send an email to donna@barnesroberts.com and make a request to be added to my email list.  I will then email you whenever there are openings available in the future.  Current students always have priority in signing up for the next class, so sometimes there are no openings in one or more classes.






I teach the nuts and bolts of watercolor. If you have had other watercolor teachers, I can almost guarantee that my classes will be really different. For one thing, I only take 6 students per class, so I can see what is happening with your work, and we discuss EVERYTHING about watercolor - art, composition, pretty much anything you like.

New students start on a project of my choosing, but after that, you are free to work on stuff I choose, or whatever you want to bring in - with some guidance by me (you may not want to work on a complicated group portrait as your second project if you are not ready yet for such a difficult subject). By the end of the first 8 week session you will probably have completed the first project.  Not a lot of projects.  However, you will have learned a LOT.  We cover choosing paint, paper, mixing colors, choosing colors, and deconstructing an image so that you can layer transparent color and wind up with what you envision - or even better than you thought. And of course, my big thing is HOW TO CONTROL WATERCOLOR (almost), plus how to fix those unplanned messes that happen when you're not looking.

We have a really good time in class (just ask my current students), and while it takes a while and some patience to really understand watercolor and make it do what YOU want it to do and it generally takes more than one 8 week class to get proficient - anybody with a burning desire to wrestle the heart out of watercolor, and the willingness to learn the basics can master this art medium.

WHERE: All Classes meet at The Coffee Gallery 2029 N. Lake Ave., Altadena, CA 91001 - just up the road from Pasadena.


If there are any questions,  call me at 626-344-3488.  There are no refunds after the first class meeting.

  You can even "rent" materials so you do not have to purchase your own materials for class.  Just let me know you want to rent, and it will be an extra $20.  This fee is payable on the first day of class - or you can purchase your own equipment.  If you want to purchse equipment, follow the link below to see the material list.

Here is the link to the material list.

General miscelaneous class policies: 

No refunds after the first class in a series. 

There are NO makeup classes - this class is small so please plan to come to maximize your investment, as well as mine. 

If there are any problems, questions, or you just want to chat about watercolor, art, etc.,  call me  at 626-344-3488.

To sign up for any class you can mail a check to me at:

Donna Barnes-Roberts

323 Marathon Rd.

Altadena, CA 91001

If you are mailing a check, please call me at 626-344-3488 to verify there is still space available.  Your place in class is not assured until I receive payment. It is generally quicker to use the paypal link above to ensure your place in class is saved.



















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